Welcome to my Fashion & Lifestyle blog ❤️

Welcome to my fashion and lifestyle blog!

My name is Ajona. I was born in Ulanbator ( Mongolia) and raised in Budapest ( Hungary).  Since my childhood I always imagined myself discovering the world and living in different countries, as well as designing fabulous dresses. After I got my degrees in fashion, I worked as a stylist with many great photographers. I was ready to became a fashion designer, but then tragedy followed in my family’s life. I decided to stay strong and started a life I always wanted. So 7 years ago I moved to sunny Monte-Carlo, where I discovered the Cote D’azur, learnt the French language and made a lot of French and Italian friends. I would love to live in more places around the world, learning more about different countries’ cultures and fashions, designing dresses throughout along my travels.

I invite you to join me on my journey to discover happiness, new friends and new places – wherever it takes me. My one piece of advice is to follow your heart, life is too short to waste it.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on my posts. Also you can follow me on Instagram  for fun and adventure posts. 

Xoxo Ajona